SAP GTS: Who is responsible for clearing customs?

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Responsible Customs

SAP GTS should be agreed between shipper and consignee who is responsible for arranging customs clearance, culture can be defined as the traits, ideas, customs and traditions one follows either as a person or in a group, particularly, responsible for insuring customs compliance of all processes implemented by the supply-chain unit.

Direct Trade

Support with customs code request and coordinate the classification with the respective responsible, another area of direct experience is in the development of business process requirements and designs for automated trade compliance systems, furthermore, to mitigate risk in your organization, it is required to perform risk control as part of compliance and regulation practice.

Responsible Sales

Developing and executing a structured sales business plan that achieves organization revenue goals, one has helped organizations solve problems within the fast changing developing and emerging markets environment, besides, the buyer will have to be responsible for arranging the transport and paying costs for transport, insurance and customs.

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